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Full Name:

Davide Pollicino


Computer Science (BSE) at Edinburgh Napier University

Current Role:

SWE @Microsoft, mentor @Mentorcruise, Mentor and Consultant @Topmate.io , and Technical Writer @Medium

Favourite Film:

Hi There!

I am Davide, Software Engineer and mentor at heart.
I am currently working as Software Engineer @Microsoft, and I am mentor @Mentorcruise and @Topmate.io; I also have experience in start-up environment as Web Developer and Product Manager, have release multiple web app and mobile applications:
I have also been responsabile for the maintance of highly scalabe applicaiton like:

Within the field of software engineering, I am primarily interested in working with distributed systems, and complex platform infrastructure. I have experience in a variety of programming languages, and disciplines.


Software Engineer @Microsoft

• Working on Teams native shell to expose services used by Teams Desktop Client for Windows 10 and 11.
• Increased e2e testing coverage.

October 2022 - Present

Mentor and Technical Consultant @Topmate.io

• Helping professionals, students and companies to achieve more via mentorship sessions, and technical consultantion.
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October 2022 - Present

Mentor @MentorCruise

• Helping both students and professionals in career kick-off, and interview preparation for both start-up and corporate environments
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July 2022 - Present

Software Engineer Manager @GetBuzz

• Leading a team of 6 Software Engineers for the development of the new messaging application, and internal tools adopted by Getbuzz.uk
• Increased by 78% backend coverage via automated tests
• Integrate API profiling monitoring tools to analyze response time and errors distribution producing a 99.7% crashfree backend-services.
• Created infrastructure for staging and production environment leading the implementation of virtual-zero-downtime deployment in production across multiple cloud regions.

October 2021 - Present

Software Engineer intern @Microsoft

💼 Implementation and testing automation of Push notification in Teams For Life (TFL), for windows 10 and 11.

🎓 Awards and Certifications: • AI Azure Fundamentals Certification: AI-900 • Azure Fundamentals Certification: AZ-900 • Microsoft 365 Fundamentals Certification: MS-900 • Accessibility in Action certifications.

July 2021 - October 2021

Lab Assistant @Edinburgh Napier University

• Teach to more than 175 students during their coding assignments and lab sessions.
• Increased by 94% online delivered learning support by integrating lab support within the university Slack.

January 2021 - April 2022

Software Engineer Manager & Web Developer @NDWebSolutions

💼 Responsibilities: In charge of planning and execution of the IT department, coordinating a team of 7 Software Engineers. Responsible for the quality assurance of every IT project delivered between Q3 2020 and Q3 2021.

📱🌐 Products Realized or maintained under my supervision

July 2020 - July 2021

Software Enginner (virtual intern) @JPMorgan Chase & Co

💼 Responsibilities:
• Debug webApp application used to view real-time stock prices.
• Get to know the company mission, products, and technologies adopted at JPMorgan Chase & Co.
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June 2020 - August 2020

Software Engineer intern @Giuseppe Matranga

💼 Developed website for pizzeria, to increase sales during first wave of covid pandemic
🌐 https://omonimus1.github.io/aws-pizzeria-website/

March 2020 - May 2020



• Responsible for promoting technical workshops and courses.
• Manage UK and Italian student communities.
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Competitive Programming mentor and Open Source contributors
• Creator of the Competitive Programming guide
• Contributor github 2021 trending repository and organizations Like Microsoft, The Algorithms, Google intern. View my github profile


• Manage and involve more than 200 students in Interview Preparation and Azure Cloud Computing workshops.


What people say about me:

Stanley Ezeaku

Flutter Software Engineer

Davide Pollicino is an amazing person, very humble, smart, dedicated, tech oriented and enthusiast and amazing team leader. He is one of the tech genius you will always want to look-up to and get inspired. He is truly a role model. Just worked with him few days and I admire his momentum of growth and leadership.

Giuseppe Matranga

Ceo & Founder of Codestorm

Davide is one of the most loyal, determined and versatile people I have had the pleasure of collaborating with. We have collaborated several times, and each time he manages to demonstrate his competence and his determination. Whoever finds him in the team is really lucky, it is not by chance that he is always recognized as a reference resource by his collaborators

Bhanu Velpula

Data Scientist

Davide has always been a great colleague to work with and has great time management skills. No matter what the task Davide always delivers. He always keeps the morale high and pushes everyone to do their best at all times. Davide's set of skills is no less, He always seeks out better ways to do things, and is by far one of the best software developers I have come across. He is actively keen on learning and encourages others to grow with him. He definitely would be an asset to any team, with already having managerial experience, and being a credible software developer I am sure Davide would reach great fights. He's simply that good!

Faisal Barakat

Chied Executive Officer at Buzz

Having Davide on the team is definitely a priceless asset. He is a key team player, knows how to lead and manage a team. Moreover, he is a great mentor and source of motivation and positivity for the team. Davide is also constantly trying to grow as a leader by making sure he is always taking the right actions. Finally, Davide clearly has great skills when it comes to programming in terms of knowledge of different languages but also in terms of implementing challenging features!

Taylor Courtney

Edinburgh Napier University Lab Demonstrator and researcher

I've been studying with Davide for coming up 4 years now. During the time I've known him he's never stopped striving to improve himself and his work. He's one of the most motivated individuals I have met and is always willing to learn everything he needs to. Therefore, over the years, I've seen Davide substantially develop his skills, such as team working and helping others, communication, planning, and many other hard skills he's pursued during his time programming. Davide is highly skilled and aims to be at everything he does; he would be a very valuable member of your team.

Muhammad Tameem Rafay

Node.js, Nest.js and Flutter expert

It was fantastic to work with Davide, who is an exceptional individual. His hands on approach to deal with a project and any issues that may come up has made all those who work with him, a fan. Always clear in his requirements and expectations. Davide is dedicated and self motivated making him extremely capable in his role. He was the lead project manager in our company NDWebSolutions and I would highly recommend him because he is truly an asset worth investment for any organization.

Alessandro Calcara

Social Media Manager & Marketing Expert

Davide's passion and enthusiasm, in addition to his excellent skills, make him an excellent teammate. Extroverted and trained in the Software sector, with experience in Microsoft and other leading companies in the sector, he can make a significant contribution to the realization of any project. I would recommend him in every project in concerning the IT world.

Valentino Badalucco

Product Manager @NDWebSolutions

I've worked with Davide for a few months and his presence was brilliant. He was the lead project manager in our company and did a great job helping me get into the mechanics of project management, being always available and happy to help. As a PM his management skills were of course top-notch, as well as having a great sense of help towards the team. It was a pleasure to work with him and would surely be happy to work with him again in the future.

Enrico Trombetta

Ex Glasgow University Researcher - Cognitive Science Student at UnitTrento - Computer Scientist

He is one person who is quite motivated and endure any work condition or situation until he reaches his objectives. He has good dialectics skills and can easily relate to both technical and non-technical staff and find solutions to accommodate various needs. I would enjoy working with him, no matter which role in particular.

Cristian Zennaro

Junior UX/UI Designer

Davide has been an excellent tutor who was able to offer - with an extreme punctuality and organisation - a very safe, reassuring and supportive learning environment. With Davide's tutorial sessions, not only was I able to achieve the desired results, but I also experimented, familiarised with and learned concepts and skills out of what was my initial scope.

Pablo Sanchez Narro

Developer Intern at Infographics

Davide is a really communicative individual, with a continuous strive to improve and grow. Additionally, he inspires others, including myself, to continue learning and improving the work. He has great experience a diligently personality.

Mohamed Elkashlan


Davide is the project manager of Buzz. He has been overseeing the works of the software engineers: making sure work is completed in a timely manner and diligently. This is done through his organisational skills and manner accompanied with his consistent communication with the team and reporting.